I wish ...

Every person in this world will be having a Wish or a list of wish to die for.
It always true that sometime u need to wish, to make it happen. And one wish leads to another, cause this world is materialistic, the more you get , the more you wish... as one of the shahrukh khan ad says,
" Thoda aur wish karo "

As the title of the post say, I wish .., so there is nothing wrong if i wish for myself, some of which i think i can get, some of which i think i won't.

I wish .. i had all the ability to be a good blogger
I wish .. i had numerous visit/comment on my blog
I wish .. i had sachin tendulkar, AB following my blog
I wish .. i had unique/killing way of representing things on my blog

I wish .. i were a cricketer, guitarist, pianist, writer, lecturer, pilot
I wish .. i were working in a blue collar job, where u need to wear suit :)
I wish .. i were the mastermind behind one of the blue chip company emerging fast
I wish .. i were the creative director of an AD company

I wish .. i could go to dad/mom, n say .. i love you and hugged them tight
I wish .. i had my dadi maa, with me all the time
I wish .. i had the charm of my dada ji or my bade paa..
I wish .. i would be able to live up to the expectation of my family

I wish .. I had studio apartment on the top floor, facing best of scenic beauty
I wish .. I had Lexus SUV to drive
I wish .. I had full wardrobe of various top brands of world
I wish .. I had earned the tag of head - turner/stunner

I wish .. I had friends who showed up when i need them
I wish .. I had friends who instead of going cold, could come n state the fuck of all
I wish .. I were a gossip master/task maker to entertain my frndLots
I wish .. I had never ending school/college days

I wish .. I had never been turned down by any girl (esp last one)
I wish .. I were lucky in my love life
I wish .. I had one solid affair to learn my mistake
I wish .. I had found love, not twice but thousands times
I wish .. I didn't had developed cynic approach towards love

I wish .. I can put a full stop on my never ending desire

As i wrote my wish, i know i can make them true, not all but atleast quite a sum of.
What i feel, wish is one of the stepping stone for things to happen.
The more you wish, the more urge you will have to make it happen.

Give me some Sunshine
Give me some rain
Give me another chance
wana grow up once again

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monica December 13, 2009 at 3:08 AM  

hmmm...i wish,, all ur wishes come true...:-))

NIM December 14, 2009 at 2:57 AM  

so in short u wish for everything...the world! good one ;)

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