Chillest Zone -- Home/Holi

Being at home is always going to be great. And after working for two tiring months day n night, and then getting such a break is always going to be a boon in the run of miles. Also, you get a chance to meet your loved ones, whom you desperately want to meet, as in my case is the DADI MAA, bi the way i cheer for all my family member.

Beleive me, after journey of 30 hrs of indian railways, you never regret the worthiness of it. Travelling in indian railways is fun in itself. It shows you, not full then also the half india. The 72 seat bogey carry some 250 indiviual in its peak season i.e diwali n holi. So, my journey was no more less bharat darshan, as i also saw some 15 adjusting in single compartment.

I have no idea, how this holi is going to be, as i am all alone this time, no frnds at all, all busy with their hustling and bustling carrer, out of hajipur. The whole one year has been a roller coaster ride for me, last holi and this holi ... ............... Then also, i have whole gang lined up of tiny cousins and bhabhis. Hannu, in particular is excited to play holi with his bintu uncle.

This holi, i was planning to have bhang, but unforunately, am at home, so this chucked out my plan of having bhang. I wana taste it, after all lemme check how it feels to eat n sings like "bhang ka rang" ...

Three days already gone, another 3 days to end this holi trip. you know, time is passing like a bullet train, it seems this world is at the verge of ending and god had fasten the day night cycle, the usual 24 hr has been shortend to some 12 hrs. Three day .... wow .. this time is moving hell ahead of his usual period.

Chalo then..
Have colurful holi...
play with whatever u get.. after all "bura naa manoo holi haii ..."
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