First blog ... jst like first day of ur school ..

As ma title suggest .. First bLOG .. Jst like first day of ur school .. where u don knw whom to say hi , where to go , whom to ask , kuch dara dara saa ... sahma sahma saaa.So .. i feel the same temprament right nw.

well as this is ma first blog .. so it will b more of ma introduction with a llittle hint on ma personality, waise i hv made this without ny intension .. jst for the sake of writing, as these days blog are crating some buzz around the world .. so i thought y not .. mein bhi ...u knw na what i mean ..(waise pata nahi hoo .. toh pooch lena, u guys r always welcome ... if some one reads ... )

toh after a lot hip n hopp, introducing myself ..... Saurabh Anand.waise kehne ko toh mein ek game programmer huuu (frm designation .. as it is written on ma
icard .. bt never knw ki mein huu bhi ki nahi). currently m in gameloft .. kal sayad khud ki koi loft banauu .. that sound gr8 na .. i knw.

waise m nt on expressive side of a personality .. bt haaa jo bhi hai ..... so haiiiii ...i never dreamt of working in a game company .. bt this is fun na .. getting wht u hv never expected .. something out of the blue .. and then managing something gr8.. as m trying these days to do ...
kehne ko toh .. i live in pune, bt never been to ny hot n happening places, for wht pune is usually known for .. bt i must say pune is quite different frm delhi.

The first n foremost thing which distinguish is ki m here .. sAu is here and 2nd is marathi .. but it didnt affects to ur daily life .. as u hardly came across to ny1 who knws only marathiii like stuff ... bt i must say speaking is wht if u try hardest, thn u cn speak .. its nt like punjabi.. as we used to hv in delhi. i must say pune is one of the fastest growing city in terms of software industry and prove its worthness. I hv never been to hinjewadi side .. bt wht i came 2 knw frm
ma frnds who work there n been there, ki its huge .. a city out of city mainly for the software where u will find big big buildings carrying some best of the name in the industry. par haaa .. the days (infact 5yrs roughly) that i spend in delhi .. at ma graduation time ws one of the best time of ma life .. (better 2 say .. golden period of ur life where u hv 2 tension .. fun fun fun .. all around). But i must say pune's girl are nt so hot as we hv in delhi ... yaha sab sukhi sukhi hai ... waise
in delhi .. they make up a lot compare to pune .. as if roz koi shaadi mein ja rahi hoooo ... aur pune girls r thinner also .. ho bhi kyu nahi .. aakhir punjab jo dur hai ...pyaz ko kaaanda bolte hai, rents r sky high ... bai har chiz mein kadi patta jarur dalegiii, aur aadhe time toh aayegi hi nahi .. bt thnks to anhsu n rahul , atleast their i cn hv food of ma choice made entirely by our company ..

working in gameloft is entirely because of CDAC, where i got placed.. aur haaa company is good bt it pays little less n Cyril (our boss) is very kanjus .. kamina hai in one word, bt must say he is good in making thinking into action, n i must appreciate his effort in setting office in pune. it always tough to set up a office in a country where everything is unknown and secret unfolds with each passing days .

But working is different to studying .. ek routine life ho jaati hai .. ghar ... office .. ghar aur bus office .. pure 5 days, thn comes weekend .. where on friday evening, every1 will say .. njoy weekend ..aur monday ko .. hi how ws ur weekend.... beleive me .. this is routine .. waise mein yeh blog likh toh raha hu ... bt i never sure of maself ki whn i will write next as this moment m free..

hope ki i will write aise hi .. in future and will entertain u guys and will keep updating with happening in and around of ma life ..