Who breaks the thread; One who pulls it or one who holds on?

Different answer will be given for the above asked question, there is no doubt. Different person will have different opinion, under different circumstances, under different conditions. But what matter most here, is how you take the things into consideration, how you analyze the situation, how u justify ur action.

Everything in this world is based on infatuation, obsession to some extent, no one cares for emotion, if someone do, and then they are considered as doting and witless.

Someone science student can argue, ki every action has a reaction, every deeds has a consequence; so likewise, breaking the thread is more of a imbalance caused by two people @ both end. Some will come to conclusion, ki its nothing, but a breaking of equilibrium, caused by the person tugging at their end.

Someone will think, its a nonsense to hold someone, who wish to get out of your hand, out of your reach, out of your sight, so person holding should allow to say goodbye, tata ...
But still the question arises, who should be blamed for the action that leads to the breaking of thread.

I guess, it’s more of consequences of a action, that didn't determine its owner. Its always being a human tendency, of not considering himself, the accuse of any mishap, but the stampede tht is being caused by this is something, that no one can comprehend and even sympathies, except the person that sensed it most.

What i think thread can be considered as a adhesive, that bind a relationship, that connect a person to person, that gives you support n strength when u need them most. Its upto you, to decide what among urself and ur partner can be taken as thread, it can ranges from a small eye connect, a heartbeat, a hug, a small walk, any soothing experience...