Random Thoughts

Its amazing how we forget people, who means most to us. As the time passes, passes the age, passess the comfort zone, passes the ability to hope for some miracle. Once you were capable of exhibiting all your thoughts and action and sudden you get ......
Life always have a twist in the tale, when you think its on the right track.

Beleiving in yourself is the key to every problem. But what, when you beleive gets broken with every slithering failure, with ur aim getting befooled by your own thought of self beleive.

Your need some sort of beacon, when you are tottering in the midst of uncertainity. You need to get back in the arena, where you were noticed, you were cared. You need to stand against all odds, all failure that you faced.

Its wonderful to be in love, to be surrounded by someone special, who mean most to you. We love them, cherish them, claim that we can't live without them. And then one fine day, they go and leave us in the mayhem of sadness, grief, aggravation, alination. The true colors of grief gets visible only when you know, you were so close to ace, then also you choked at last moment.

My heart always remember you, you still alive in my thoghts, you still crawling as if you want to learn a new step of life. What cofuses/irritate me is the, silent treatment that am getting, i always thougt you of strong character, who know, how to deliver and carry herself. I know you made a mistake, but what more juggling is the way you carrying it out. I know, i lost you over silence rather than communication, and this hurts to the core.

P.S i am missing you lot today, so writting my thoughts, cause there is no point in calling you and getting ignored, also i cant handle your self owned hubris and meaningless attitude.


I am very thankful to one of my friend (AG), because of whom i started reading and started taking interest in the world of literature, and am finding it interesting to allow myself to get into the deep of it.From a person who was hardly into reading, get into it and completed some good books and have lilst of titles to follow next.
Thanks a lot...

The Inscruttable Americans

This book tells the journey/experience of an Indian who went to America for his higher studies, where he found himself in the mid of lot of things which he didn't did, or not even he desired to do or better to say, not even thought of. Why ... Indian values..... The letters written by main character to his family is the highpoint of this book, the way he has described America and his experience is totally humorous and interesting.
Written By Anurag Mathur

Almost Single
I took this book, while on my way from Delhi to Pune. It is very light hearted story about a 30+ lady and their friends who has found their life tormented in wake of Indian society and in search of perfect better half, and so called relationship. At best, we can say that, its basically a frustration of main character. Its high point is the climax where she enters into his bf's boss's hotel room, which was booked on his bf name, and found herself in negligee in front of her bf's boss.
Written By Advaita kala

The Kite Runner
Best book.. among the few that i hv read till now. Narrated in the backdrop of Afghanistan, it has got all the ingredient that constitute it to be the best. It has the innocence of amir and hazara boy, brutality of soviet government and other Talibans, strong characterization of baba (who has right n wrong to his credit), beauty of Kabul, fight of survival on their exit from Afghanistan to america, climax of utmost importance, where whole notion proved to be obsolete. What i found quite bad about this is the length of this book, i mean its go on n on n on .... The highpoint for me is the fight between Amir and Aseef for his cousin (i.e son of hazara boy) and then onward the whole story line. It's quite touching, i can say.
Written By Khalid Hossenni

Keep Off The Grass
Written by Karan Bajaj, i was bit skeptic of myself whether to read or not, in the start, but when i finished this, i found quite interesting. It tells you the story of American Indian who leave his well paid luxurious investment banker job for the MBA at IIM in Bangalore. This book gives you the idea of pressure, frustration, idea of getting on top at any cost, the zeal, that the student has to go through in his two year terms. As the name suggest, it deals a lot about the grass, the so called ganja, and their tryst of destiny for making sure of its availability. The High point is the fucking attitude of sarkar, one of the protagonist. You will enjoy more of sarkar in comparison to the main character.

At present reading "Thousand Splendid Suns".
Will write about this very soon.