i need an answer

Just a 10 min back, i was talking to one of my good friend who was yelling on the fucking system, trying to flock the whole herd by explaining the damm importance of being their existence. He was so adamant in his approach, to let it go. But my dear friend, grass is always greener to the other side.

Is it important to go with the tried n tasted formula, why we remember Shahjahan for making Taj Mahal, but not the architect who design this marvel, not the skilled labourer who executed its existence. My friend was frustrated on his managers/system, in fact we all are, if we put our heart n soul in something, why the hell did managers take away all the credit with first place, n then we given a mention in a column that are hardly seen by world.

We always complain/rant about all the other non important things, and always try to be handy on these count. But, it wont be good, if we go around excelling first what we are assigned to, rather than making accusation.

Why we look around(people, past, scenario) to have a judgment on any one, why not we listen or bank upon on our decision making abilities. We Man, evolve in our own way, results ought to be different on different count.

Is the system, that we r used to live with, is cripple enough to get it changed or replaced or the way of our viewing things should be par with the system.

Is the social networking site should be taken seriously, when it comes to judge the emotion of the other person's comment, link, post, etc.
I have a solution, why not they should provide us with a emotional count tab. If you post a comment, have it emotional count, say 9 out of 10, 5 out of 10. Then also, will it justify ???

Why the things loses his shine, when it is most required. n why we r left to the chorus of fate, when we can sing it solo with our own determination. why the campus of life had only two direction to show, either success or failure.

Yeah, i know, i have contradicted myself a lot to put on a point of being a nonsense, to be a general to get knocked down by his own battalion. But, isn't this irony of life, where expected are least excepted.

scotch to end it all ...:)

Refrence for 2011 chinese tag

The lucky Chinese Tag, currently doing round with different blog, so i also thought why not take it, and rant something about demented side of sAu.
As it is at the start of 2010, it can be some sort of reference, to look back in 2011.
So, Here it is

8 TV shows I like to watch:
1. How I met your mother
2. Prison Break
3. Roadies
4. Big Boss
5. Lost
6. Cricket Shows
7. Dare to Date
8. Big Bang Theory

8 favorite places to eat (and drink)
1. CCD
2. Dean Inside
3. Blue Nile (awesome briyani)
4. Saurabh's (best restaurant near office)
5. Rajput Dhaba ( for its chole bhature )
6. Office canteen ( for gossip n break from work)
7. ghar mummy ke haath ka (ofcourse yes, coz i live bachelor alone)
8. soham fast food rest

8 things I look forward to
1. To fall in love again :)
2. To get the shahid's like kaminey body (rem shahid running along stallion in kaminey)
3. Better rise in pay packets (min 20%, i want)
4. Looking for company switch
5. D getting married
6. To be at peace with myself
7. Reading more books and writing as well as commenting more on blog
8. Donating blood

8 things that happened yesterday
1. Had tough time with waking early for office, n that's after 3 day new year break.
2. Shiv bought headphone, n after wasting long 1 hr or so in deciding, and i was dumbstruck/annoyed
3. Had Onion Uttappa in lunch :)
4. no one wished me happy new year in office except one
5. removed status msg of gtalk saying "Happy B'day /\ /\/\ /\/\ /\ 26 Dec"
6. Completed Lost Season 4, waiting for season 5 to download
7. Bhai asked me to do something, i declined as i was busy watching lost
8. slept way early b4 11 pm

8 things I love about winter
1. Gajar ka halwa ...
2. Gajar ka halwa ...
3. Gajar ka halwa ...
4. Gajar ka halwa ...
5. Gajar ka halwa ...
6. Gajar ka halwa ...
7. Gajar ka halwa ...
8. Gajar ka halwa ...

8 things on my wishlist

1. To meet someone whom i can love , who loves me , and with whom I can live...and who don’t talk about marriage :D
2. A LED tv
3. Sony PS3 with uncharted2 and PES 2010
4. A pamperer, who just loves to pamper me all around :)
5. wild safari in jungle
6. An ipod as 11th July gift
7. Job change / promotion / better pay check
8. D getting married

8 things I am passionate about
1. Clean clothes.
2. my Devil (bike)
3. flawless romance
4. Love
5. sex on the beach
6. food (i love cooking n eating, both)
7. reading blogs
8. owning a house, a studio house :)))))))))

8 words or phrases I use often
1. kya fark padta hai (KFPH)
2. ho jayega
3. kya yaar
4. hhhmmmmmmm (mostly in chat)
5. hata sawan ki ghata
6. tu bhi na
7. fuck
8. gandu/chutiya

8 things I learnt from the past
1. No matter what prob u having, time will keep u ticking
2. Love less, love honest
3. You can't bind anyone to an extent, ki it start slipping, n then lost forever
4. Unless, until you try, you cant better your limit
5. If you love someone, don let them go far from you, n try to enjoy every second of being together. You never know what is there in the bag of tomorrow.
6. no matter what, you cant see yourself getting knocked out
7. If you want to be appreciated, make a mark of yourself.
8. Get rid of borrowing, n never use Credit Card, it will land you in ditch, full of self guilt n will make ur salary a guest of few days.

8 places I would love to go, visit or see
1. Kashmir
2. Switzerland (i want my honeymoon here :))
3. wild safari to jungle
4. essel world
5. phuket (for beaches n babes)
6. Delhi (for revisiting old memories)
7. Australia (given a chance, i can think of settling here)
8. Hawaii

8 things I currently need or want
1. I need few friends, a few close friends
2. I want a gf, someone sort of amma type
3. I need to learn gaming programming skill, so that i can enhance my brand value.
4. I need a job change. and better paycheck.
5. I want office hour to be flexible enough to suit my mood.
6. I need to socialize more often
7. I need to get rid of all my shackles that i have presumed
8. I need to visit trichologist, serious damage done to my hair :(((((

And I need to tag 8 people…
Whoever read, tag yourself :)