Its been more than 3 month, that we talked last, more than 8 months we are out of relationship, but still i don know, why am not able to keep myself off from your thought. Its never been a single day, where i haven't thought of u, hoping not ki u'll change n all, and once again rain will start pouring in thirsty desert, i don know why..

Today, somehow i saw ur new pic in orkut DP, it made me restless, to an extent of 10 min or so, i got sinking feeling, made me feel as if am falling from top, and there seems to b no ending of it. I became normal only after justifying her action with my perspective, and this is the way am keeping myself going against her pervasiveness.

Why .. why .. i just want to get rid of all this, but am not able to, i know am confident enough, not to show all this physically, but i can feel the pain inside. And its taking a toll on my attitude, my way of thinking, behaving, n in the process of justifying, am letting myself down. I feel alone, low and out. How long one can think of someone, who is gone forever. I know, its crap to think about another crap, but its hard to come over to it. I still get perturbed when i think of ur action/behaviour that you showed knowingly/unknowingly.

My innerside still crave for you, my soul still thinks of you, i know you are happy in your world and having a blast out there, and i also pray to god, to keep you happy, content, blissful forever.

I miss you ...
I miss you a lot...

:| :* :|

Does this convey something ??????????????

committed to me, myself, sAu