Welcome 2009 .... Bye Bye 2008 ...

Don't you remeber something... i mean, something at the verge of ending. Yes.. the so much ho-hoolaah that we guys created last year for this coming 2008 @ that time, has switched for 2009, then also, same intensity, same enjoyment, same amusement... hey Happy New Year .....

Anyway... Happy New Year ...

2008 has been like a roller coaster ride for me. It makes me learn a lot of things, gave oppurtunity to face some of the unchallenged terrain, infact i collected enriching experience from friends, family, love, office, surroundings. A very thanks to all those who made my years, no matter how they contributed, even a bad move taught me a lot.

One thing am very sure, this 2008 will always, going to be memmorable for all the wrong reason ...

when i started writing this blog, i thought it going to be long, but pata nahi .. i don feel like writing. Just a few lines to finish this year.

Things changes, priority changes ..
words changes, orator changes..
what not change, is the learning curve ...
curve, sometime steep, sometime slim...

u wana break away from me,
u wana end it all, end it to core..
bt just rem, . .... ...

we saw a dream for us..
wana make them true for us..
but u wana break away from me

Once you said, 'you are my best friend'
and i tried to make every moment worth living.
There is pain, deep inside ..
there is memory running all the time,
tell me how i get rid of all this..

I know, its crap to think,
just tell me, how i take care of my dejection, rejection..
It really makes me feel alone.. makes me feel ...
i was once capable of getting loved.

Okay, i am little unstable
But, I'm okay

It hurt, when i rem all the moments spent together..
i know, i'll b sounding loser to you..
but, how do i forget laughter I loved so much
how do i forget fun i had u with ..
how do i forget you ...
how do i forget you ...

Hope 2009 bring something more cheerer and nearer to me that ever before.
Thanks 2008 for your kindness, you showed and showered to me.

Welcome 2009 ...
no resolution nothing...
All i want to be happy, stay calm, attain peace of mind, more subtsnace of work, good health for me and for all .....
Cheers .....

Elated.. Belated.. Selated ...

I am still thinking about my so called friend, and that after haaving so much of damage already done, that its impossible to hope for something constructive to follow. I don't want to pass any judgement, who went wrong and where, not beacause doing this will calm me and my emotion, but beacause its a crap to think about another crap. Well, am happy, coz every good thing has an end and so it has.

Friends, a bit complex adjective, atleast for me. Till few days back, i was quite proud of myself, that those i have in my kitty, is always going to be same atleast for me, and was banking on them blindly. But alas .. days are gone, when friend used to be selfless, infact it was me who was not ready to accept this. Look at the irony, as two different genre starts with the same alphabet, and tht is "F".. Friend and Foes. To be honest, am totally enraged to myself...

Ok.. so much of cribbing about all the nonsense happening in and around me. So don u think, i should be bit presentable with something to cheers. I went to western classical concert (200 to 300 people attended) last 5 Dec, i guess. Dude, it was awesome experience atleast for a non - music lover like me, who hardly understand any indian classical. But, it was enriching experience, got to see live performance of violin, cello, piano, guitar, viola. Man, what a piano it was, it was huge, shining black instrument, curvature was something, that u cn fall in love with. And the man behind the piano was awesome too with a class of its own, i can say, but not very sure of ... he he he he he he he And the audience, they were so lovely and classy, with all variant of ages u can imagine. If someboday has said, that passion don see any age, class, scale, then its all true, cause to my surprise, i saw some 70 - 80 years old audience, for whom it was hard even to come this places with a stick or some kinda support, then also they managed, and attended whole session. Seriously, u should have passion, rest itself make way .. And what to say about the artist, they were not less classy than a merceedes benz E class, especially women on viola was teriific with her instrument, and was quite handy .. :D :D

wow .. what a great months in term of music, first western classical and now Indian classical at sawai gandharv mahathov 2008. It seems, am at my best of music fest.. well, c how long it last. I am really thank ful to myself, who is allowing me to go and explore these untravelled terrain, and am quite enjoying. Its better to be late than never, exactly .... i heard pt shiv kumar sharma, santoor performmance. what a great commencement of concert. I was totally delighted and moved by this man. If people say him a genius, then he is worth of it. The way he played santoor was marvellous in all term. I would have enjoyed more, if i were having some sort of music knowledge. I am sure, person who know and understand music will definetly have enjoyed more than me. It was my first encounter to indian classical, and i am impressed to give it a another go.

So, Rab de bana jodi released, and planning to see, lets c when i will. I guess Gajni will be more impressive, as aamir is there with his eight pack and marvellous acting.

Well, i think, i should write this four sentence, as it was said by some one very special, not because it hurted me and punctured my whole world, but just to remember how one can change, with the time and situation.

"Past is Past"
"I don Want anything from you"
"If you can start fresh, then only i can think of"
"I can give you everything, but not love, as i used to"

Anyway, I am happy, delighted to see something ending with a elegance(lol). Lets c, when love finds my way. At present, i guess for next year or so, it will be hard for love to happen, infact myself will not allow it to happen, after all, i need to mourn on all the shitt happend and happening.

Well, someother time i will surely write, about the love and my recent experience of love.
I am creating customised desktop calendar for someone, at am stcuk on 3 pages, cause am running out of ideas, photos, n all. I am confused what to put. lets c..

Till next blog, me saurabh anand signing offffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff .....

Commited to me, myself, saurabh