The Last Walk

Every good thing has an end. So did the sourav ganguly had .

Being a die hard fan of sourav, it always going to be shocking news. No doubt, it was on the card from the long time, but so early, i haven't expected. As a cricketer, i always admire sourav for his persona, ability, never say die attitude, mental toughness, strong character. Because of all this only, he managed to do so well at the top most circuit, where he is admired by most of the well known. Am very sure, he will be serving as role model for most of the youngsters.

As a player, i never doubted his ability. He was sourav only, who after a miserable debut against West Indies in 1992, and some one who was discarded and were deffered entry into international cricket for more than four years, had a dream run in international cricket. Once, he was awarded the title of nawab, considered as spoilt brat, and all this in his very first tour of australia. It was his character and self determination only, that not only he made a superb comeback and hit back to back two century, against England at the mecca of cricket, "The Lords" where most of the Indian batsman were tottering for runs. And those two century were hit on his Test no 1 and Test no 2.

I still remember how much hoo hallah was made, when he was selected, told as he didnt made in the team because of his merit but because of the quota system and dalmiya and all. Frankly speaking, he got chance because of kambli, who had bad run in the 1996 world cup, where he performed badly and was not selected for the england. You can say, a swashbuckling left hander made the way for another flamboyant left hander.

Winning back to back 4 man of the match at Toronto, that against Pakistan, is also one of the example of the class that sourav had. Getting a dream start for his team in Australia in 2003 where he lead his team by hitting classy 140+ at Brisbane first test. It was ganguly who took the moral of team from no way to highway and now dhoni taking it to expressway...:D Taking team into the 2003 world cup final is the one of the example, how fruitful he was as a captain, and who else can forget the famous shirt off at the lords balcony in natwest final 2002. It was under his captaincy only, when we start believing in our self and started winning overseas. Our win in England, australia and all is best example. He was the person who believe in giving back, if you are talking nonsense and one who always stood for his player.
Till now, he is the best overseas captain we have, which am very sure dhoni will excel.

Accepted he was having bad patch, but who don have, every one go through it, and see how advantageous it was. He become more determined, confident and convinced, and that at that age, when dusk is at your peak.
I myself consider this, more of political reason, between dalmiya and pawar group. Then also the scene that chapppel created or whoever molded, should not be done, as it not only harm the reputation, ethics, but also lead the team down at important juncture. I think it was from the both way, as chappel was looking for the 2007 world cup and he always considered ganguly a liability on the team, so ganguly was always taken at task by him. Also, what ganguly did in the last Zimbabwe tour by saying in the media, that he was asked to step down as captain wasn't welcomed at any moment of time. Being the captain of team, you shouldn't make such dubious and fallacious statement. Anyway, already much said and is written on this.

Look at the irony, got century on the debut and duck in his last inning. What should we call this, luck or bad luck. Luck for the fact, that he get himself in the famous club of "bradman n co" who get out on duck in their final inning, or bad luck for that, he should have ended his career in style, like Steve Waugh did by saving test match at Sydney against India. I guess everyone might consider later as a dream end, but you never know what destiny has in store for you. I guess, if he were playing one day games, he may have prolonged his career at least to next world cup. But one day, every one has to say good bye, every one has to have "The Last Walk", every good thing has an end, so one should consider as a call of destiny where 10 nov 2008 saw the end of SOURAV GANGULY charismatic and fascinating carrer.