Tig Tag Tog

Its a long time, since i have written anything for my blog, so breaking the ice out here by tagging myself -:)

Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it
ahhh ... lem me find it out .. on the right side of chin (bt tht not so visible), got while fighting with ma cousin, who ws not ready to give chweet, small umbrealla ...

What does your phone look like?
manly, handy n on most kwl, thts my moto razr is all about. Black color makes it on top.

What is on the walls of your bedroom?
Nothing.. inshort i hate messing up walls of my bedroom unless its a something of utter importance. But i would love to keep picture of ma family near to my bed.

What is your current desktop picture?
Autum wallpaper provided by microsoft, i don like putting images of hot babes n nything sort of on my official workstation.

Do you believe in gay marriage?
*&^%$##%$$% ..... nOoooOoooooOo

What do you want more than anything right now?
at present, i want jacket or sweater as this office's AC will get me kill someday, seriouly m feeling cold, imagine how much cold it will b outside.

Are your parents still together?
Yeah ... very much ..

Last person who made you cry?
Is this necessary to take name of someone, who holds no imprtance in ur life

What is your favorite perfume/cologne?
None.. as i beleive in trying out all sorts of perfume/cologne. i even don mind putting some feminine perfume.. wht matter most is that, i should like ...

What are you listening to?
ajab si .. frm OSO .. kk has sung this really well ...

Do you get scared of the dark?
U might be kidding ... yeah i agree, there were time whn i used to get scared by dark, but this is something what u master with each passing time .... bit philosphical na ... i know

Do you like pain killers?
Noooooooooooooo ... i hate taking pain killers unless there is no option left .....

If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?
Rather thn eating, i would like to have a ginger tea, with bit of lemon on it .

Who was the last person who made you mad?
i don remember, is there any one .. i don think so .

Who was the last person who made you smile?
emmmm ... i think some one whom i call "amma"... heyy look .. u make me smile, don u think m giving you some importance in ma life ....

Is someone in love with you or u in love of someone?
nahiiiiiiiiii sayad haaaaaaaaaaaaa .. nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Three Things in my life I can never let go of
my ethics
my will power
my family n frnd

List 5 things that you want to say to people but never will. Don't say who they are.
I am in love with you.
Sometim you sucks ....
You r my sweetheart.
Am the best, don care for the rest.
Get this n get this straight..i NEED not tell you every single detail of my life

Five Things I'd Love To Do Before I Die
Go on a world tour alone
Bunzee jumping
Daru pii ke full talli honaaa. (i will really do one day ...)
To drive lexus

Five Things I Will Not Do Even If It Kills me
i don know .. let the time come.. i will tell you guys.

Two Things I Do When I'm Away From The Public
Day dreaming

Five Fav Sentences/Quotes
Kya fark padta haii ...
rehne dee .. tera kuch nahi ho saktaa
chal hutt ... hawa aane dee ...

Five Things I'll Make You Wish You Didnt Do, If You Did
Asking for singing, acting or anything like that ...
Don't ask for money.. m a big broke.
chasing girl.
Asking for my personal stuff ..
Making me wait ...


What the word dream is all about????

The answer could b different for different people.

For some one, it could be the moment that describes u to excel in your league, It could be the thought that u would hv thought in your school days, or may b in college life Or it can be the thing seen while sleeping...

Meaning is different for different person or what I think, if a dream can make some one work harder for ur goal to achieve, than at the same time if a dream not achieved, can break u in tears. Also don u think, for fulfilling your dream, u always need 2 hv support system on.

For me a dream is something that we saw in our childhood, to do something that’s makes u feel good. Dream of making ur mom, work less by doing some daily work, dream of studying hard, so that papa don shout on u, dream of studying in good colleges, dream of riding hybusa, dream for doing something that make u and ur family proud, dream of .... bla bla ..

This is human tendency...we keep striving for the best and as we have d capabilities we achieve the best still we keep having the sense of some kinda emptiness inside and to fill the void we keep running trying to catch everything which seems to fill tht void whether its good or bad.....

I was chasing a dream as if some one hypnotized me, was doing all the things that I thought would b doing... thn something hit ma imagination n that hypnotism broke, suddenly i became conscious as if i woke from something which I didn’t want to...

bt u hv to get out of bed someday and go on the path, that u would hv thought.. would b doing in the real world to make that dream come true n make it big with the best which u have in the arms ... n that’s the truth.

This One is all about me.

This one is all about me .
July 11 was ma Birthday. And I completed 23. So to celebrate myself, here are 23 things you may or may not know about me.

1. I'm the youngest of 3 kids- 2 Brother , 1 sister.

2. Most of my birthdays growing up were spent at home. I remember one year we were in nani ma's house for my birthday. I thought It was so cool

3. I love reading, bt never managed 2 read more thn three books :( till now rather thn academics.

4. I love dadi ma most among all. she is darling of mine and will always love me irrespective of whatever i do. Dadi maa .. "I Love You.. " She is the one who brought me more thn ma mom as she ws not well for the first 5 yr.

5. I grew up in Bihar, so typically bihari ba heart . :)))

6. Ma eternal desire is to go on world tour, njoying food n chicks all over the world ... :))))

7. Basically, I just love music in general. There is nothing that i say .. ki i don like. These days.. Summer of 69 is ma favourite.

8. I am die hard fan of Sourav Ganguly, if some one talk ill abt him, i feel like giving him a punch on his nose, bt cnt.. dada, u carry on with ur good work for india.

9. I havent been on date yet. :(

10. Totally virgin. :)

11. I love TV. Infact, i got spec just beacause of tv viewing, i guess. I love watching cricket,talk show (meaning ful wale ..), informative serials, n many more ...

12. Sometimes I wish I were born in a rich family, where u had everything that u desire. Thn also, m lucky enough to have father like ma dad.

13. I was the house captain in the school.

14. When i was younger, i wanted to grow up either defence personnel or a Cricketer.

15. I’m a shy boy at heart. Only these last few years have I shed a lot of my shyness, thn also a lot of things to b done. I’m still quiet, though.

16. My first job was at lall's Copper, in Delhi where i ws more of a operator.. computer operator. Although i learned a lot, not technically but practically abt the life and the people.

17. I really like to cook. I’m not so keen on cooking different dishes, but more of usual stuff.

18. I’m not very tidy. I’m definitely not a neat freak, but I’m not super messy. Monday morning.. u will hav everything on the block, bt at the end of week, u will hv block of everything.

19. Preity was ma first crush, Honey was ma first love, ayesha is ma latest mush.

20. m a terrible dancer and on top, a horrible singer. (u remember ajay devgan in hum dil de chuke sanam)

21. During CDAC days, Dhiraj bhai was great help 2 me, inshort " Mentor ". Man, u helped me a lot, n i know u will not accept it, bt actually u did.

22. I did ma graduation from delhi, so all the gr8 memory (infact a lot ..) remains there. I hope to return one day. It’s the most beautiful place in the world.

23. Thinking of buying bike for me, somewhere around November. Black Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSI. Hope till then will get some gorgeous lady to sit with me …. ha ha ha ha he he he ho ho ho …

Uff .. I thought it would b easy writing, bt it was hard 2 find something 23 point about urself.

My Room Mates ..

If u r living out, especially for studies or for job n u r a bachelor on a top of it , then whom u think u will face day n night, .. Ofcourse roomies, roommates.. kuch bhi kahooo .. its jst a synonyms.

i moved to delhi some five years ago and have been living there till i moved to pune, some eight months back. .

Well for the first six months, i had the anshuman as a room partner, n u will nt beleive ki we met on our first day of the college at the entrance of lecture room. There we had hi, hello to each other, thn during conversation, we came to know ki, we are frm same state, even same place jst a bridge parting our house way back in our home town.

Then we exchanged our numbers, n after 4 days, i was with him, for the first time in ma life..i was living with a person , whom i don knw. Infact Rooming together was a new experience as far as I was concerned. But if u have a room mates like anshuman to start with, thn u r lucky. Frankly speaking he is ma dear , usski hur adaa (jo thodi bahoot hai :)) is unique and care for none if he is on song

It was a lot of fun setting up a new house together. We got to know each other and had good times -- pillow fights, water fights and some real fights. We had dinner together regularly, we rented DVDs and watched late night movies and porn together, we had innumerable all-night gossip sessions and late night tea sessions.

It was as if we were setting new homes altogether, as we were bored of eating out , so we decide to cook at home, thn the reall fun begun. As we both were inexperienced n have never cooked, back home , so u can imagine how the life will b. But thn only, u know how the life will b, whn u will b on your own.

After 8 months or so, amiit and anukul and later nitesh joined us.

Amit by nature was gr8 and very helping, bt some time very possesive. He is infact a person who knows all ma secret. No doubt u cn count on him. He has got greaaaaat sence of humour.. trust me but if you r with him.. u'll be laughing all the time.. VERY FUNNY GUY..great man.. you rock.But haa .. he hates wtaching porn, bt except this, he will do all other nonsense u cn think of . Never to mention out here, if i had a fight 10 times with ma roomies,
7 out of 10 would hv been with amit. Thn also we share a gr8 rapo.

Anukul.. a great champ, a jack of all trade, n most of it , he knows how to handle things and is improving days by day. He has got the art of learning frm you n thn he will outdo u in that itself.

Nitesh .. A prominent member of my 734/35 Gang. He was least interested in academics but most innovative in designing pranks and other activities. I still have image totally cystal clear in ma mind ki, how he ws crying after he has a break up with his long time gf. You wont beleive .. ki he was crying lika a child.. really his situation was terrible .. thn also this is wht we call life.. where u learn how to react n what at which situation.

We looked after each other and tended to whoever took ill; at the same time, we learned to give each other space when required.The years flew by and enjoyed every moment -- having dinner together, going out for evening walks around colony, the B'day celebration, the leg pulling of Madhuran Bhaiya, the race to finish NFS earliest and a hundred other things.

We had a cooking rota system -- each of us was responsible for a meal by turn -- and we shared all the household bills. Now this is where conflicts often cropped up, usually due to miscalculations. Nitesh formed a habit of borrowing money from the rest of us, always promising to return it the coming month. When the time came to pay bills, he would do the same thing, convincing us that he would reimburse us at a later date.

That is not to say it was rosy between us all the time. There are always compromises and adjustments to be made -- some amicably and some with closed fists and gritted teeth. Thn also my roommates cared for me like a brother, and I will remain forever indebted to them. Today I am working in Gameloft and has jst completed ma first 4 months. I can't find the words to thank Anshuman, Amit, Anukul and Nitesh, and will always be grateful to them for helping me make my way here.

I hope, I hv done enough justice in writing abt each room mates.

I hope you find the story of my stay with roommates inspiring -- it may also help you in some ways, to adjust and live happily with those who migrate to big cities to study, to work, and to make new friends.

First blog ... jst like first day of ur school ..

As ma title suggest .. First bLOG .. Jst like first day of ur school .. where u don knw whom to say hi , where to go , whom to ask , kuch dara dara saa ... sahma sahma saaa.So .. i feel the same temprament right nw.

well as this is ma first blog .. so it will b more of ma introduction with a llittle hint on ma personality, waise i hv made this without ny intension .. jst for the sake of writing, as these days blog are crating some buzz around the world .. so i thought y not .. mein bhi ...u knw na what i mean ..(waise pata nahi hoo .. toh pooch lena, u guys r always welcome ... if some one reads ... )

toh after a lot hip n hopp, introducing myself ..... Saurabh Anand.waise kehne ko toh mein ek game programmer huuu (frm designation .. as it is written on ma
icard .. bt never knw ki mein huu bhi ki nahi). currently m in gameloft .. kal sayad khud ki koi loft banauu .. that sound gr8 na .. i knw.

waise m nt on expressive side of a personality .. bt haaa jo bhi hai ..... so haiiiii ...i never dreamt of working in a game company .. bt this is fun na .. getting wht u hv never expected .. something out of the blue .. and then managing something gr8.. as m trying these days to do ...
kehne ko toh .. i live in pune, bt never been to ny hot n happening places, for wht pune is usually known for .. bt i must say pune is quite different frm delhi.

The first n foremost thing which distinguish is ki m here .. sAu is here and 2nd is marathi .. but it didnt affects to ur daily life .. as u hardly came across to ny1 who knws only marathiii like stuff ... bt i must say speaking is wht if u try hardest, thn u cn speak .. its nt like punjabi.. as we used to hv in delhi. i must say pune is one of the fastest growing city in terms of software industry and prove its worthness. I hv never been to hinjewadi side .. bt wht i came 2 knw frm
ma frnds who work there n been there, ki its huge .. a city out of city mainly for the software where u will find big big buildings carrying some best of the name in the industry. par haaa .. the days (infact 5yrs roughly) that i spend in delhi .. at ma graduation time ws one of the best time of ma life .. (better 2 say .. golden period of ur life where u hv 2 tension .. fun fun fun .. all around). But i must say pune's girl are nt so hot as we hv in delhi ... yaha sab sukhi sukhi hai ... waise
in delhi .. they make up a lot compare to pune .. as if roz koi shaadi mein ja rahi hoooo ... aur pune girls r thinner also .. ho bhi kyu nahi .. aakhir punjab jo dur hai ...pyaz ko kaaanda bolte hai, rents r sky high ... bai har chiz mein kadi patta jarur dalegiii, aur aadhe time toh aayegi hi nahi .. bt thnks to anhsu n rahul , atleast their i cn hv food of ma choice made entirely by our company ..

working in gameloft is entirely because of CDAC, where i got placed.. aur haaa company is good bt it pays little less n Cyril (our boss) is very kanjus .. kamina hai in one word, bt must say he is good in making thinking into action, n i must appreciate his effort in setting office in pune. it always tough to set up a office in a country where everything is unknown and secret unfolds with each passing days .

But working is different to studying .. ek routine life ho jaati hai .. ghar ... office .. ghar aur bus office .. pure 5 days, thn comes weekend .. where on friday evening, every1 will say .. njoy weekend ..aur monday ko .. hi how ws ur weekend.... beleive me .. this is routine .. waise mein yeh blog likh toh raha hu ... bt i never sure of maself ki whn i will write next as this moment m free..

hope ki i will write aise hi .. in future and will entertain u guys and will keep updating with happening in and around of ma life ..