What the word dream is all about????

The answer could b different for different people.

For some one, it could be the moment that describes u to excel in your league, It could be the thought that u would hv thought in your school days, or may b in college life Or it can be the thing seen while sleeping...

Meaning is different for different person or what I think, if a dream can make some one work harder for ur goal to achieve, than at the same time if a dream not achieved, can break u in tears. Also don u think, for fulfilling your dream, u always need 2 hv support system on.

For me a dream is something that we saw in our childhood, to do something that’s makes u feel good. Dream of making ur mom, work less by doing some daily work, dream of studying hard, so that papa don shout on u, dream of studying in good colleges, dream of riding hybusa, dream for doing something that make u and ur family proud, dream of .... bla bla ..

This is human tendency...we keep striving for the best and as we have d capabilities we achieve the best still we keep having the sense of some kinda emptiness inside and to fill the void we keep running trying to catch everything which seems to fill tht void whether its good or bad.....

I was chasing a dream as if some one hypnotized me, was doing all the things that I thought would b doing... thn something hit ma imagination n that hypnotism broke, suddenly i became conscious as if i woke from something which I didn’t want to...

bt u hv to get out of bed someday and go on the path, that u would hv thought.. would b doing in the real world to make that dream come true n make it big with the best which u have in the arms ... n that’s the truth.


Ayesha October 20, 2007 at 5:44 AM  

hey that was nice.u have incorporated what i said on ur first blog.
remember one thing in life aim for the moon n there is no disgrace even if u reach amongst the stars. atleast when u look bk at ur life u will b proud that atleast u dreamt,made a begining n achieved if not the best then atleast the rest.dont ever stop dreaming.dreams broaden ur horizon.dont ever limit urself.limits make u smaller n restrict ur scope.n dont ever get pulled down by failures because failures are the stepping stones for success.above all be rooted to what u r.craving is a natural tendency as u very rightly put in.but how well u control urself is what makes u apart.scuumbing to distractions is easy n self discipline is tough. u know craving for materialistic pleasure after some extent is just a state of mind.if u feel u r happy wid what u have u wont ever feel the need of tonnes of money which will reek getting heaped in ur kitty. well that enough of philosophy from me. but it made some thought provoking reading n the result is in front of u . pls bear wid me

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