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how cum one become just a acquaintance, after you share a lot..
i mean everything .. every if n but of life

n then a stranger to each other ...


Ghondan November 19, 2009 at 7:34 AM  

Thanks a Lot Sau for that wonderful testimonial.
I am already missing all the fun we had (especially the arguments :)).
The last one year in Ubisoft was a little difficult for me and you only you were there for me in that time.
Only one small point I want to make is that unlike what you have described here, I am an extremely hard working man. During the project phase I was the only one leaving at the very end from the office working well into late night, if you remember. I have tolerated a lot of pain during that period also. I had just come from my operation when I was asked to not sit for too long and that was when I had to sit for whole nights continously. Also the way somethings happened had demotivated me a lot and are still causing a huge majority of people to be demotivated at Ubi.
I am really grateful to you for being there always and you will always remain a friend and we shall be in touch as we already are.

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