11 July 09 ..

Celebrating B'day is always going to be fun, so was mine.
Continuing the legacy, here comes the ups n down of 2008 - 2009.

So, Here comes the 25 pointer ...

1) Being in Ubisoft, is almost having a ride to a bumpy surface. The whole last year in ubisoft, was like a roller coaster ride. Got an appraisal, and that what we called "utt ke muh mein zeera", recession time .. you know na..

2) "Master All Classics", is releasing this Christmas. This is the game that we made. Title is ready for Nintendo submission, lets have finger crossed. First major title, where i worked as programmer, and that's from scratch. At last, something to cheer, as last one year was all gloomy and full of sloppy things .

3) Last three months, i had long working hours, better to say .. 10 am to 12 midnight, and even to 3 am. Now, as submission is about to hit, so bit relaxed n enjoying ... :)

4) Finally, gifted myself bike, a Pulsar 180CC... and that on my birthday, a long awaited list in my "To Buy" list. I know, am wiccan enough to take this long to buy, after planning from last 2 and 1/2 years. I tell you, it gets to 40-50 kmph in 5 sec, that's amazing na ...

5) Planning to have laptop by the end of this year, lets c whether it materializes or ???

6) Finally, Dhiraj bhai got married this may. Lemme tell you, he is enjoying every second of married life. When he got back to pune, after marriage, facial expression/mood was something to look out for, as if bulb has lost his filament, and it knows where it is, but cant dare to pick it up.

7) It was very regretful, not to witness dhiraj bhai wedding, as my leaves were canceled. I know, how pissed off, dhiraj bhai was/is, but Dhiraj Bhai, it was not in my hand, and am extremely sorry, ki i cant make it to your wedding.

8) Anshuman, my BFF joined in Delhi, so he also left pune. Now, this place sucks ...
God save me ..

9) Getting alone day by day. First Ayesha went, then anshuman went to delhi, and now dhiraj bhai going . "sabi chor ke chale gayein ... " I know, its for the good cause, then also .. it hurts when you start feeling, that you getting left out.

10) World is selfish, full of hypocrite people, they even themselves don't know, where they stand, but will stand tall on their self imposed greatness.

11) How can the person with whom u breathed every moment from morning to night suddenly turn stranger? How strange na, we were at "start" in 2007, "high" in 2008 and in 2009, she didn't even think of wishing me on my birthday. How lame one can be ..

12) Then also, I was GLAD to know you, gladed to left you behind. All i say, "Every Relationship comes with a expiry date."

13) I don beleive in love anymore, what we call ... "Once bitten, twice shy"

14) My eternal wish is to work outside india for 2 - 3 years atleast, where no one knows me, where i can start a fresh, where i can live in my solitude, where i can restore my confidence in love,myself, where i can have rendezous with myself.

15) I love "How I met your mother", a hilarious sitcom, a must watch.. especially Barney Stinson and his bro code... a great character who create awful situation and enjoy to watch or being at that situation. He has a key of all lock and always willing to poke his nose in whatever situation. A great example of friendship, i mean he always stand for his friend (Ted, Robinson, Lilly, Marshal), no matter how much trouble they r in.I am great fan of his "Awesomeness..."
" When i get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True Story. " Barney Stinsons

16) I am getting skinny ..looked sick.. may be it was coz of work schdule i have ..or the nail in heart ..

17) Still didn't donated blood ...

18) Was fulltu out in one of the ubisoft party, did everything what one is supposed to do after ... no more details.. o_0

19) Have to try drugs(G n all), atleast one shot... (i don know why ... )

20) Am a person who beleives more in letting things happen, rather than make them happen.

21) I miss you a lot, i know it sounds trite. Then also, every beginning has an end. Have still kept you alive in my thoughts.

22) I guess, i were more self determined, in all aspect of life.

23) I hate people, who didn't pick up phone, after continous ringing or even put me on hold. You have the brain to talk "badi badi" baatein, but didnt have guts in ur ass to pick up the phone and state the reason whatever it is.

24) My broking continues ... :(((((

25) Read some good books in last year, hope to continue trend for years to come.

I know, am bit late in posting, then also, digging 25 point is a big ask, and c, i completed at last. I need a pat.. don't i ... :)

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neha August 13, 2009 at 2:29 AM  

gud ur thoughts r nice n please dnt evr feel,alone coz dis wrld is nt so small, n dnt evr feel as ur left alone there r many people who like u as u r a vry gud human being..............
so............. always be happy.......
n enjoy ur lyf.......
n may all ur wishes n ur dreamzzz cum true.......
all the best.........

Nim August 15, 2009 at 4:05 AM  

quite an eventful life... belated happy bday btw...

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