It's really strange when you retrospect for your childhood crush, for whom we used to go to any level of nonsense, to grab a opportunity to meet him/her or to see him/her... How a short lived infatuation/fondness can lead to some goofiest situation/action, no one can even imagine. Being in love and being loved is two different things, but when you have crush on someone... Who the hell think of all this, there is only one hope, where you want to be noticed some time intentionally or sometime unintentionally...

The last night, lying on the bed, watching star over head, when I thought of this, then my impatient mind stalked two name, i.e preity and dhramshilla. So, let’s have a peek a boo with them.

Dhramshilla mam was our class teacher, when i was in class 6th. Her innocence face, simplicity, and sexiness made me feel for her. I know it’s kinda weird to think of her, but what to do, when you are at the blossoming age of your raw sexiness, nothing is wrong. The way she used to take name, it was way enough to make you numb for a while. She no doubt, were having best figure (lol) among all.

And preity, one of the most cherished crush... she was beautiful, innocent, cute and all the adjective that you can think of. Rahul, will definitely tell you, how mad I was for her, after all he was my informer, as she used to live in her locality. I still remember how I used to wait for 3.50 pm for a glimpse of her, as she used to cross my building for her tuition. I invested quite a few night, in thinking, how to have a word with her, I mean how to strike a conversation/friendship, whether to give some gift or some soft toys, how she will react... bla bla ... but unfortunately it didn't happened. I know, it was doltish to make an email id "" where sau stands for saurabh and prit stand for preity, but who care... I really adore the time of my bhartendu’s sir tuition, from where all this started. It was more of routine to see her in morning in her balcony, where she used to brush her teeth, and every time if she did something diff from other day, rahul was sure ki, she was giving some hint, and all I have to do is to take a foot forward.

But we never had eye to eye contact for more than 4 sec or so, why I don’t know, if I would have clue, surely she would have been mine.. Be +ve yaaar .. Then also, the whole morning incident was more of fun, and especially thinking about how to strike a chord with her was one of the craziest or wackiest thing, could happen to me...

Well, this was one of the tales that I shared here, it’s almost true ki somewhere at any point of time, everyone had a crush in his/her life, and to get back to those memories is almost digging a mine of golden memories. I know, both my crush got crashed before it could take off.. Then also, this is what we called life ... I am sure, both of them will be enjoying their life with all the ups and downs.

I urge every reader of this, to share their experience of crush, which definitely make you feel good. And if something can bring smile on you, then give it a shot na...

A thoughtful message to end this....

"Sometimes we struggle through tasteless coffee till the last sip and we find sugar lying at the end, THAT'S LIFE... always sweetened but sometimes not stirred"

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Dhiraj Kumar April 23, 2009 at 9:41 PM  

Good saurav, now i came to know some good thing about u. ha ha ..keep it up..cherish those moments

Anonymous April 26, 2009 at 8:28 AM  

hey dat was sooooooooooooo sweet baby...
u r sooo damn rmantic...i mean all dese things r generally done by girls coz we have more brains..but u proved me wrong...choo chweet

Nim April 27, 2009 at 2:40 AM  

haha..liked the last quote...good one..

Abhilasha Singh April 28, 2009 at 12:14 AM  

It was really a nice one.Moreover it requires courage to say it so loud.Anyway it was really nice,n it made be remember mine also...........

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