Plethora of emotion... some justified .. some questioned ...

B'day are always meant for celebration, time to party with frnds, to drink without flunk ....

So, here it is, 11th July, this auspicious day i completed my 24 and beated the drum for 25th.

Completing my 24 and not writing blog for me, yeh kaise ho sakta haii ....
So here it is, continuing the tradition of telling about myself,that i started last year...

so, in this blog, am trying to point out 24 thing that i found in myself, changed, adapted, advanced, altered, expected to do, change required, resolution ....
Here, it goes

1) Ubisoft Ent Pvt Ltd, transition from gameloft to ubisoft, from mobile to console, a dream come true. Every mobile game programmer dreams to make it big, bigger on PC, and biggest on xbox,PS,WII.

2) Same salary, thts unfortunate, it should be bigger and better.

3) fifa maniac, something which am enjoying these days, last year tak, soccer.. thts boring,

4) my broking and borrowing stil continues. :(

5) no bike till now :(-_-_

6) learnt quite a bit abt love, hatred, betray, emotion, sentiment ...

7) i miss my family a lot.(i guess its not new, but am missing all this a lot these days).

8) i haven't been on date yet. :(-_-

9) But got the chance to live some wonderful, notable, phenomenal moments with some one special, that am gonna cherish for years 2 come. :)
(Hey.. if u reading, i really mean it, from the core of my heart.)

10) Lost some more hair, i guess next year i will b bald. :(-_-_

11) Planning to get iPhone this year. Don laugh, i know m big time liar, but kya karu ...... :) :)

12) yehhhhhhhhhhhhh... i read "The Alchemist", presently "The Kite Runner" is on.

13) traveling + trekking is something i wana do, seriously m gonna give it a try.

14) saw colors of friendship with my frnd, whom i used to call ma "lagootia" yaar.

15) Got a brand new watch, courtesy :: Dhiraj Bhai + Anshuman + Rajeev (mind you, its my B'day gift from them. Thanks a lot)

16) From a complete shy boy, i changed to someone, who prefer to speak his mind. But still need more effort in shedding my shyness.

17) With ayesha, i learnt the meaning of emotion, agaption, apprehension, explored love, enhanced my expressing thing, etc etc. (Hats off 2 u)

18) I really wana improve my speaking skill, and way of putting things, cause sometime it leads me down, and it something that hurt u most, when u know, u r right, but u wouldn't able to get justified. Also, it put me in some serious situation which shouldn''t be followed.

19) I have to outdo my sarcastic style of attitude in some situation, which sometimes break relation before getting it full proof cemented.

20) Getting fatter and motter day by day .... :(-_-

21) I need to socialise a bit more, bit of networking is needed to be more efficient and affective.

22) will donate blood this year, thats for sure.

23) I need to be more efficient, adequate, competent and economic in my work, cause there is no point in working hard, working smart should be the motto.

24) need to take more initiative, cause it something that pushes you further in your carrer.
cause 20 years from now it wont matter... what shoes you wore... what jeans you bought... or how your hair looked... what will matter is WHAT YOU LEARNT AND HOW YOU USED IT!!!

Atlast, i completed, frankly speaking it was herculean task to identify all these 24 point in yourself, and i did it. So i need a pat, of course i need .....